Saturday, August 4, 2007

June 20, 2007

Charles Bach had his birthday on the ship, so he is in good company, as Matt Craig and *ahem* I also had our birthdays at sea.

For Charles, we did the traditional Big-Ass-Group-of-Peeps-at-Cagney's routine, followed by cocktails. Charles' wisdom teeth are coming in, so Edge bought him a teething ring.

"It works surprisingly well," he said. "I see why 2 year olds get into this."

As we had cocktails afterwards in the swanky and traditionally uninfested with anyone but us Star Bar, Dave and Steve began singing piano melodies. The normal piano melody couple had been kicked off earlier that week for *enjoying each other* on deck 14.

Charles is now married. He married a very successful lawyer from Poland named Magdelena on 07/07/07.

The Light Melody Couple are presumably naked somewhere in public.

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