Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Steve Waltien Presents: The Crossing

Steve: "We are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The real middle. We have a channel on our TV which shows information about the boat. It gives us the temperature outside, number of miles traveled, etc.
It also gives us a GPS representation of our position. If you were to look at a map of the Atlantic ocean and try to put your finger in the exact middle of the thing, that's where we are.

We're also pretty much in the middle of our contract. Looking at the vast ocean behind us and in front of us is an interesting visual representation of it.

What's weird is that of all the places we are going to go on this journey, this is the one I am most amazed by. Maybe it's because when you go to Rome or Barcelona, you are standing in a place billions of people before you have stood (there's actually something uniquely wonderful about that too), but here, in the middle of the ocean, is a place relatively few people have been.

We haven't seen land in almost five days. The horizons are endless.

While walking on deck 7 today I saw another ship in the distance. While this was very common in the Caribbean, I haven't seen anything but water since we began the cross. I was so excited I ran for the camera only to find the ship too far out of view by the time I got back. What was that ship's story? It didn't look like another cruise-liner.

Yesterday I saw a flying fish pop out of the water and hover for a few moments like a hummingbird and then pop back down in.

Nothing around us and more than we can imagine underneath."

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