Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wednesday, May 2nd

I don't know if it is God. I don't know if it is a coincidence. I don't know if it is nothing. But, yesterday I had a bad day. And today I saw dolphins.

I was working out (in the health club that is free to me, I know I know) at my favorite elliptical machine. It is my favorite because it has a television with a working remote and it is right in front of huge glass windows that fabulously let you sweat as you watch the ocean go by.

I was dreamily looking at the water, wishing that I could jump in for a quick cool down, when I saw a brown and grey dolphin jump out of the sea. Followed by another one. And another one. And one more. Just playing along side the boat on their way to find fish or whatever. You know, life.

I screeched, "Dolphins! Real dolphins!" and pointed and waved my lanky arms in the direction of the creatures. But, it was a bit too late. I don't think any one else saw them. That's okay. I needed them pretty badly for myself.

That night, we saw Africa. Real Africa. We stayed up until 1:00 AM to watch as we passed through the Strait of Gibraltar. We couldn't get the best of pictures as it was very dark, but these are the lights of Morocco off the starboard side of the ship.

If you crossed through the ship to the port side, you would see Spain. We ran back and forth, looking at Spain, then Morocco, Europe then Africa.

We also passed the Rock of Gibraltar, but again, the darkness didn't lend itself to good snapshots. The rock is a symbol of strength, of invincibility. The British were so protective of this rock, that they planned on burying 6 soldiers alive within it to attack during WWII if the Germans tried to conquer it.

And with the passing of the treasured rock, we officially left the Atlantic Ocean and entered the Mediterranean. And, we had officially survived the crossing, harbor seals be damned!

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Phynix said...

Damn, that sounded crazy gorgeous. From the dolphins to Gebralter's rocks, to peeping three diffrent places at once. It sounds like America to starving immigrants,thank you for sharing the American (aka anything but American) experience with this hungry immigrant.


P.S.We all still truely miss you.