Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Monday, May 14th

These are our room stewards, Caesar and Marianito. They both hail from the Philippines. Neither pronounces my name right. They both call me, "Cat-ee."

One day, Caesar took my arm and used his keycard to enter one of the rooms on our floor that he had just cleaned. "Who is dat, on the bed?" he asked me. "Who dat?" Marianito was behind him, giggling.

Lounging on the bed was a monkey, made of towels, with bits of chocolate for eyes. His arms were behind his head and the remote was next to him.

Of course I loved it. The next night, we came home and found this in our room - a monkey hanging from our ceiling.

Marianito took a very bad fall while decorating a passenger's room for his or her birthday. So bad, he had to go home to the Philippines. He is expected to take three months to recover, followed by up to a year of physical therapy. His leg was botched by an Egyptian doctor that operated on it right after it happened.

Caesar is busy training a new room steward, who is very nice, but not Marianito. Caesar looks like his best friend got sent home from camp. I know their friendship helped the long days of cleaning rooms for passengers a lot easier.

Get well soon, Marianito. Love, Cat-ee.

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