Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Digging" for Work

The other day one of the photographers on the ship, whose job is to spend countless hours a day taking pictures of fat, cruising Americans, asked Steve and me a question. We had just sat down at our favorite email checking spot by the windows on Deck 7. We had our Mac Laptops in our laps and Coronas next to us, which we lazily sipped from. We assume this position about two to three times a day.

The photographer, not wanting to disturb us form our hard work, called over: "May I ask the two of you a question?"
"Sure," we replied.
"Um...what do you do here? I mean, I'm not sure what you are doing here."
We explained we are guest entertainers with the Second City and he apologized, saying that his schedule prevents him from seeing any of the mainstage shows. The evenings are prime Cruise Ship Portrait Time.

We laughed, and the conversation ended with the photographer staring at Steve for a few seconds and saying, "I thought you were the CEO's son." The photographer said this in total, absolute seriousness.

We don't do much on this ship, work-wise, and we don't have to wear our name tags in public areas like a lot of the crew does.
If we haven't yet done our show on a given itinerary, we blend in with about the same amount of free time and responsibility as the vacationers.

Our new favorite way to pass the time is to play "DIG" or "Speed Scrabble." All the Scrabble tiles are put in a pile in the center, and the object is to build your own Scrabble puzzle on word at a time.

The cast sat in the Garden Cafe for almost five hours the other day playing game after game of DIG.
This is the one I won with.

Creating this winning puzzle was some of the hardest work I had done in a while.

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Manley said...

This isn't funny anymore. You should come home right away. The box office girls just give me blank looks when I come outside to talk about how much I hate improv.