Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Met Someone Named Matt in Venice...

Hey. Here is a guy that we met while walking over the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Do you know who it is?

Here is a small hint: It is Matthew Fox from TV's hit show LOST! Steve and I are obsessed with LOST!! Squueeeeee!


Aa said...

oh MAN! Couldn't you guys wait, like, 5 more days to run into TV's hottest stars? Did you bind him and gag him and demand to know Lost's secrets? Did you ask him why he is in Venice? Did you let him know that at times I want to punch his character, Jack? How weird would it be to be sitting next to Matthew Fox on the plane ride to Venice? I would probably need to switch planes. Speaking of which, I am leaving for the airport in 45 minutes. I am so nervous, but excited to see you guys!
(this is ali)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I must say, I am totally intruiged by your blogspot and check in quite often. It sounds like you are having the time of your life and I am totally envious...I was lucky enough to cruise around Europe last summer for a couple of weeks and loved it, so reading up on your adventures is a hoot for me.

BUT!!!! I too, am obsessed with LOST and your picture was THEE most exciting thing I have seen this summer! I am totally envious, jealous, stoked, you name it, I've got that emotion over your meeting Matthew Fox! How awesome! I am going to have to hear the whole story when you get home and I hope that you pitched some sort of tv show of sorts with him so you can work with him on a daily basis!! AHHH!!!

Keep having a great time!
Lindsay Reipsa

Arnie said...

Ask him who's funeral it was?!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!! Who's funeral?!!!! MMMAATTTHHHEEWWW!!!!

Annika said...

he looks sooo hot ! i'm slightly obsessed with him ;) lol
you're pretty too :)

Crescent said...

Were they able to treat your third degree burns you got from his hotness?????


Jon said...

Lesson: when you leave the protective shelter of your home/cabin you meet famous people.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl!Matt is hot!!
I'ts recent?

Elisabetta said...

What did you say to him? How did you meet him? Was he walking alone or with his family? What did he say? How long is he staying in Venice for? Does he live near the 'Ponte di Rialto'? Please tell us everything!!! Please!! We're obsessed with Lost like you are, but I'd say we're kind of obsessed with him too! I run a blog about him :)
Anyway you've been sooooo lucky, I mean meeting Foxy by chance while you're on holiday (I guess) in Venice, it's priceless...we're just so envious!! Lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

He didn't tell us anything, but I think the funeral was Locke or Ben.


Anonymous said...

His wife is from Venice. That might explain his presence there.

By the way, I hate you.

Sip said...

katie, i hate you even more!!!
man he looks HOTTT. almost hotter than captain jimmy or whatever his name is...sorry... :)

leigh (josh's friend)

ps - i think we haven't met the person that is in the casket yet!

Dulci said...

Ohhh...meu Deus!!!Você é uma garota muito sortuda mesmo!!!Ele é lindooooooo!!!Eu também quero tirar uma foto com "Jack"...rss

Silvia said...

Hey, I didn´t know you (i find your pic on internet) and you are really a lucky girl!
Silvia (from Brasil)