Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Few Thoughts From Steve

Steve: "Recognition of status is hard-wired into us thanks to evolution. When our species was evolving, it was important for us to recognize leaders in our tribes, to put them on a proverbial pedestal, to care about what they did. They needed to inspire some feeling in us, even when they were just walking around, so that when it came time for the hunt, we would be inspired to follow their lead and to protect them. This is probably why, even after tribal life is mostly left behind, humanity has been able to so easily idolize kings, dictators, and- more recently- celebrity chefs, reality TV stars, and socialites all
out of proportion.

We get to experience a little small-scale celebrity sometimes on the ship. People see our shows and then see us walking around and sometimes they get excited. On this ship in the ocean, away from the rest of the world, we are the comedians of the tribe. We're given some importance. Maybe it's just that we stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people at once and speak that makes some reptilian brain part think we are the leader, giving instructions for the hunt.

But that brain is being fooled.

In the event of a hunt, or something really important, like a charge to the life-boats, Katie and I are the last people you want to follow. And we know it.

That's why we've placed our idolatry right where is belongs. In the lap of Tommy Stensrud of Norway, the Captain of our vessel. It became clear shortly after boarding that Katie had developed a non-sexual crush on Captain Tommy (she believes his anatomy is probably like that of Ken, Barbie's woefully unendowed partner).

Katie swoons when Tommy's voice is heard on the loud-speaker. She becomes nervous when Captain Tommy is nearby. She wants to see him, but is afraid of him. What if she doesn't know what to say? On Saturday, we found out that Captain Tommy was departing our vessel for a month or so to attend a conference and enjoy some vacation time. We
sprang into action. Katie made a painted sign, and we ran up to the bridge viewing area in the hopes of meeting Captain Tommy before he left and maybe getting an autograph. Captain Tommy graciously came out and autographed his sign and took some pictures. He confessed that he had not been able to see our show, but that he would be sure to catch it (!!!!) when he came back on board. He was awesome. I thought Katie was going to die."

Note from Katie: "Tommy said he'd be back by the time it was my birthday (SQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!)"


Jon said...

Even I look older than Captain Tommy, and that's saying something. Also, Pad and Captain Tommy should meet sometime in their lifetimes.

Young said...

Where did you get paint for a sign? That's not an admonishment. I'm quite impressed.

Katie said...

dear young - the kids corner has paint for 2 -5 year olds, so i pretty much live and rule there. there is a wii there, too.

dear jon - i think you are fantastic.

Kevin aka Earthfire said...

I've just returned from a trip on the Jewel. Turns out I was the spitting image of Tommy and caused no end of confusion for the crew. Tommy was very gracious about the whole thing.

LostInThought said...

So did you ever turn the relationship into something else than with the Captain? Appears he is such a kind man!