Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There is a Cat in the Airport

Look at these two! Aren't they cute, eating sushi together?
Shouldn't they be cruising together?
Well, they aren't.
But, get this...STEVE is on the ship still.
I'M the one who is leaving.
Yep, I'm off to Vegas to film another Sonic commercial - shilling burgers and Coney dogs...LIVING THE DREAM! Hopefully, this one will air this time.
I am in the open-air Antigua airport. Apparently, the World Cup of Cricket is going on as we speak. Everyone seems non-plussed. Except my cab driver, who I think thought the stick shift was a cricket bat. Oh, and that my life was expendable.
And there is a cat in the airport. It has a food bowl. And the jerk security guard (even though he didn't point out there are matches in my carry-on) is watching me like a hawk because I want so desperately to take a picture of this cat. But, no pictures in the airport, please. Because the cat might be working for the bad guys, I guess.


Amy said...

Just wanted to say I've been enjoying your blog!:) Good luck with the commercial! When does the ship head to the Mediterranean?

Katie said...

hi friend! thanks! we cross the atlantic on april 22nd, so call/write before then because once we are in europe all bets are off.