Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday, April 1st

Tonight, Steve and I decided to go on a nice, romantic date at Cagney's, the steak house on the ship. (Blog Trivia! When did Katie go to Cagney's before this? Answer at the end of the entry!) The day before, we had been sitting outside, eating a late lunch at the back of the ship. The sun was starting to set. "It would be nice to have a romantic date before I leave for Vegas," I had said. Steve pointed out that we were eating lunch while overlooking the beautiful ocean and sky - a view that we would easily pay $100 a person for. Things become kind of romantically relative on the ship, I guess.
Cagney's is set up with a very subtle mobster feel. There are some mug shots on the walls, like the one behind Steve.
But, like everything on the ship, it can't go too far with anything because cruises are all about including everyone and not offending. So there is just a dash of an organized crime-feel in the restaurant - not enough to make anyone think of body bags, but enough to make me remember that the final season of the Sopranos starts in one week and I will miss it. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to visit Italy to soothe the pain. (Blog Trivia Answer? For Matt Craig's birthday! For those of you who also pointed out that I am wearing the same dress I wore the last time I went to Cagney's, shut up.)

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