Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thursday, April 12th

After Jennine and I ransacked the duty-free make-up shops in downtown St. Thomas (Gold eye shadow tax-free? Yes, please) the cast met up at a place called Paradise Point. As the name implies, Paradise Point is very high up above St. Thomas and one must ride in a suspended cable car to reach it. The ski lift-esque mode of transport reminded Steve of many happy memories on wintry ski slopes in Vermont. It reminded me of the fact that it only takes one frayed cable to become a statistic.

But we survived and enjoyed an amazing view of the ocean and the islands and even our floating home, which looked like a tiny toy boat. We also enjoyed a fantastic lunch at what is deemed “The Home of the Bushwhacker.” A Bushwhacker is a drink made with Bailey’s, Kahlua, vodka, light rum, Meyer’s Rum, and whipped cream. It was like eating a liquid cake. A cake gets you drunk. Luckily, we had our show that night, so we all enjoyed only 1 of the treats each, although Steve finished most of mine along with his and began saying things like, “I’m gonna walk down the hill you guys, I don’t need the tram,” and, “You guys…I love you guys,” and, “I could fight a tiger if I trained pretty hard, right you guys?”

Oh, and Cody fell in love with a mermaid. She said she couldn’t give him her number because she was made of stone. That’s the second time a lady has turned Cody down using that excuse.

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Allison said...

Look who's little freckles are all out and about in that top pictures... man, there's a lot of baby freckles born on that damn boat.