Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thursday, April 5th

So, the reason I got to travel to Las Vegas was to film my second commercial for Sonic, the drive-in fast food company that has absolutely no locations where I live. In fact, the first time I had ever been to a Sonic was to film the first commercial.

You've seen these ads - two people in a car, waxing poetically about tater tots and coney dogs. This is the monitor that is in the car that is hard not to look at, so they eventually took it out.

This is Pat Piper, the man who conceived the ads, which started out as him and his buddies driving to rival fast food drive thrus and asking for things that you can only get at Sonic.
He is a big, Irish sweetheart and I love working with him.

The ads are mostly improvised, and I was lucky enough to film this one with my friend Sayjal, who is a star at the ol' i.O. and ComedySportz in Chicago. We had such a great time together. We shot the commercial in the evening, and the Sonic was still open. One of the servers there, who was wearing roller skates as Sonic servers tend to do, had never been on skates before or was extremely sensitive to gravity because she was falling. It was hilarious.

After the shoot, Kim (make-up/waredrobe, wearing the blue shirt) and Denise (producer, wearing white)
and Sayjal and I went and got some libations and had a low-key evening in the "production" suite. We popped popcorn and talked about our feelings. Just kidding. There was popcorn, though. It was such a blast.

Until J.R. (producer) started wearing my clothes. What can I say? This was day 5 for them and they were exhausted. I'm sure the libations had nothing to do with it, either.

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Billy said...

nice! compliments on the Sonic commercials - they are among my favorite on TV right now. Your blog is also very smart.. Keep up the good work.