Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday, March 27th

San Juan is a beautiful city with a rich history and much to offer its visitors. Which is why, after checking our email for free in a cafe, 13 of us piled into a van to make a trip to the Bacardi factory and take a tour.
It was very educational. I learned a lot. First off, drinking Bacardi products will make me look like a model, have lots of fun at clubs, and make me a really good dancer. I also learned that not drinking Bacardi rum basically makes me a supporter of Communist Cuba. Oh, and rum is made out of sugar cane and molasses. Oh, and Bacardi has a bat as its logo because the first distillery that the Bacardi family bought was infested with fruit bats, so they deemed fruit bats as a sign of luck and family unity. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade...with rum! Boom! I'm hilarious.

That’s a lot to learn for a free tour, right? Especially when there is alcohol at the end of it. We each got two free Bacardi drinks of our choice as a reward for learning about the company. Also, there were these bulls everywhere, so I guess rum comes from bulls, too.

In the end, giving people free alcohol is a good way to prey on their guilt, because now I do feel like I owe Bacardi something, and will probably purchase their rum the next time I purchase rum. Which, based on my previous frequency of rum-purchasing, will be sometime in 2015. Or sooner, considering I don't want to be a Communist.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the Merrill Lynch bull, Katie??