Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunday, March 11th

Where is Steve?
Miami. South Beach.

Okay, so he didn't get the pilot. But, that means he's back. And look how L.A. he is! Open shirt, bored look, too good for anyone attitude. And, everyone loved him. Bruce McCullouch even wants to make sure that if the pilot gets picked up a part will be written for Steve. He even made the president of ABC burst out laughing. So, it was a fantastic experience and I know it will lead to good things.

The day was great. We had lunch at News Cafe on South Beach to celebrate Steve's return and to send off Matt, Beth, and Chris. Steve and I were so happy to see each other - Matt snapped this picture of us when we first got to see each other. Aren't we small and cute?

It was great to have a last lunch with everyone. I know Beth looks upset in this picture, but she really isn't. I think she is just sad she has to leave us fun people. Afterwards shopping was to be done, and overpriced, Miami coffee was to be consumed. Steve and I were enjoying a coffee in a restaurant when we saw a Sonic commercial with my good pals TJ and Peter! It was a nice little postcard from home.

Welcome back, Steve.

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