Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday, March 7th

Today, after much Steve-less rehearsing, it was time to celebrate our director’s birthday. Matt Craig turned the big 3-4, and we did it up right. Our producer, Beth Kligerman, got us reservations at Cagney’s, the steakhouse on the Jewel.
Of course the cast was there, as well as some friends of Matt’s and ours. Matt had done the Mediterranean cruise on the Jewel last year, and because he is a very lovable man it seemed like everywhere we went on the ship everyone from stewards to magicians were very happy to see their old friend. Edge and Charles Bach, two of the magicians on the ship, and Chris, Charles’ best friend who recently performed magic for the Queen of England, joined us as well. Edge had gone to Antigua earlier that day to buy party hats (which I saved for my ship birthday – June 30th, FYI) and Matt ended up with two cakes. Jennine had gotten one earlier and the dinner package Beth generously treated us all to included a cake. Us fatties didn’t let it go to waste, however, and cocktails (a virgin smoothie for Matt, of course), steaks (grilled tuna for me, of course), and cake (for everyone, of course) were consumed happily.

There is something so beautiful about watching someone have a fantastic time on his or her birthday – especially when he or she is far from home. It looked like out “Boat Family” had done just fine for Matt, as you could tell he was genuinely having a great time. While it may not have been the roster he thought would be surrounding him on his big 34th, it did have a bit of a kid’s party feel, like we were all a family and Beth let some of our other friends play that night, too.

As for the empty seat across from me at dinner, well…we all who should have been sitting there.

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