Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thursday, March 15th

We're doing it! Here is a lovely picture of Jennine and I as we celebrate our first FULL cast show on the Norwegian Jewel. We do two scripted, Second City reviews during the week, and then two improv sets on the weekends. The shows are so much more fun that I could have expected. This cast is very laid-back, but hard working, and I adore them. We really have a great time together.
These shows were no exception, as we rocked the house (some people stood! Twenty-four hour buffet cruise people stood!) and left feeling great. Some of our sketches are straight from the Second City archives, while others were written to poke fun at cruise life (i.e. showing what goes on behind the elusive "Crew Only" doors - it is crew members rowing! It kills every time). The audiences are gracious and supportive, even this unbelievably bombed-out-of-their-skulls crowd (read: Spring Break).

You may be noticing we are wearing McDonald's drive-thru/Madonna concert-style headset microphones. Oh, heck yes we do. These shows feel more like rock concerts that sketch shows because, well, it's a cruise. There is a lot of smoke and colors and shiny things - we even enter on a rotating stage. Because God forbid any passenger not be over-stimulated, even just for a moment.

Steve is the only one who has a black headset. That's what you get for being so talented and being flown out to LA. So there.


Arnie said...

Steve and that other guy don't seem to be getting along. Awkward!

Anonymous said...

i was at the show thursday night.. and yeah. you guys totally rocked.. even though we are a bunch of crazy spring break people. -victoria