Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Word With Steve: re: The Crew Pool

Steve here.
Katie and I have a new favorite TV show. It's called 'Front Boat.' "Front Boat' is a 24-hour camera feed of the front of the boat that is routed to one of the channels on the TVs in all the cabins. I guess this is so you can check from your room at all times to see where the boat is heading. Katie and I find 'Front Boat' fascinating. We sit and watch it and wonder what will happen next to our favorite character, SAM, the rotating satellite who spins on the front of the ship. His name is painted right on him. 'Front Boat's camera is mounted from about where the bridge sits, so it takes in about thirty feet of the front of the boat including SAM, some large anchors and deck space, and a small pool that no one ever uses.
This is the crew pool. Crew members can use it if they can find their way to it through the maze or corridors on deck seven forward.

Well, a little while ago, Katie and I found our way out to the crew pool and enjoyed a nice afternoon in the sun. We read a little bit, swam, and even got to talk to SAM. We were careful not to bother him too much though. I bet he gets annoyed by that kind of stuff. The only drag is that 'Front Boat' is a live show and we don't have any TiVo or anything, so our episode aired while we were doing it and we never got to see it. Yesterday, while talking to my mom on the phone, she said, "It doesn't matter if you never see yourself on TV. The important thing is that you're having a great time." I'm not sure
how she knew about the whole 'Front Boat' thing.

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Anonymous said...

oh how I miss the front boat... I used to call people from the front boat when we were pulling into port and tell them to watch me on tv! Will you guys let me know next time you're partying up there? p.s. Katie, I bought that exact same terrycloth blue cover-up while I was there... and then wore it around the ship WAY too much. I think that's the reason security put me on the random drug-test list... I just looked way too comfortable.