Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Temporarily Abandoned at Sea (again)

Look at these two! Aren't they cute? Shouldn't they be cruising around together and performing?
Well, they aren't.
Steve's gone.
And it is definitely NOT what you think.

So, remember when Steve didn't get the last pilot he auditioned for last week, during his weekly "I-Leave-The-Ship-and-Try-to- Get-Famous" jaunt? Well, while he was in LA, his manager arranged for him to audition for a couple of other things. And the casting director for a different ABC pilot (who just so happens to be the casting director from a little show called "Friends") loved his audition.

So, on Sunday, he will be flying back to LA to network test for another pilot. Again.
The pilot? A sit-com based on the GEICO cavemen from the commercials. Yes, this guy:
The cavemen will try to make it in the real world as they all have normal jobs at IKEA.
This experience could not get any weirder. Am I right?
I now have really learned the lesson that worrying about the future is absolutely futile because what you fear will happen (ship will sink, the shows will suck, Steve and I will get in a terrible fight) will be nothing like what actually happens (your boyfriend leaves to try and be a TV caveman).
Break legs, Stevie!


Carrie said...

I love it! You guys are both great. Missy you big!

Amy said...

How much do I love the idea that you could be dating a caveman? A lot:)

Jamie said...

Sounds very fun. See, he should have enjoyed San Juan while he had the chance! Luck to you, Steve. Miss you very much, Katie. Loving your blog.